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Preparing for Vision to Vantagepoint Update

Has your firm started preparing for the upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint? Or, like a lot of firms, have you heard rumblings, but not had the time to explore what Vantagepoint is all about?

Let’s start with what Vantagepoint is:

  • the next version of Vision
  • a new modern interface (a culmination of the iAccess interface)
  • an intuitive user experience, consolidation, and reimagination of functionality
  • browser and platform agnostic – that’s right, no more Internet Explorer AND you can use Vantagepoint on your iPad or tablet
  • an evaluation and incorporation of 16 years of feedback from Vision clients

There are several significant new features, such as:

  • Clients and Vendors combined into Firms
  • Leads merged into Contacts
  • Full project lifecycle, opportunities, and project plans all consolidated into Projects
  • New dashboards
  • New Outlook integration
  • Updated mobile app

So you probably think that this sounds great, but what is it going to take to upgrade to Vantagepoint?!

Migrating over from Vision to Vantagepoint is a pretty big task, but no fear, we’re going to share some ideas that we are implementing with our clients that can help get you started on your migration journey.

First things first, make sure you have logged in to the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal ( They have a ton of resources available. One of the most important things is to download the Upgrade Checklist.

Once you’ve gone through the Readiness Portal, here is a list of things to help your firm create a migration team and work plan:

  • Determine the following:
    • Who in your firm will be impacted? Look at are what modules you use, ERP, CRM, Resource Planning, etc.
    • Who are your current power users? The people that are in your system on a day-to-day basis entering and populating information (Accounting, Marketing, Project Managers, etc.).
    • Where is the most junk? Check things like contacts, reports, etc. It will be essential to clean up as much bad/unused information as possible. Remember garbage in, garbage out.
  • Start by tackling the areas that have changed in Vantagepoint – refer to Upgrade Checklist.
  • Screenshot every tab of every Info Center. Sit with a champion from each area (accounting, marketing, planning) and go through every screenshot to determine what user-defined tabs, fields, and grids you use, and which ones you don’t.
  • Look at what reports are most frequently run, and which ones are not in use. To determine this, choose a time period in the past 6-12 months and consider deleting reports that haven’t been in use during that time.

If you have further questions, or need assistance with the upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint, BlueMaize can work with your team to create and carry out a work plan based on your firm’s needs.